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Nom et prénom: Hayfa Majdoub
Site: https://nabhighschool.blogspot.com/
A propos: I'm passionate about ELT and learning technologies. I've been teaching English since 2005. I'm a Tech Age Teacher-Tunisia participant and finalist. I participated in the Forum of Innovative Educators organized in Tunisia in partnership with Microsoft and Youth for Science Foundation (Y.S.F.) with a project that was classified in the Top 5 projects and got the prize of Innovative Pedagogy awarded by (Y.S.F.). I am the mentor of 2 clubs.  The N.H.S. Club 2.0, it is an English Tech Club launched to cascade some of the tech skills I acquired during the tech age teachers program to my students, at the same time develop their English language skills. YAV NABHENI is my second experience in mentoring youth to develop their debating skills  in addition to other personal and language skills. I  am also a speaker, a blogger and  more importantly I am a social media addict!

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